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Goodxon promotes sustainable agriculture with innovative and customized solutions in automation and lighting. Our expertise in the agricultural sector is in applying technologies that support customers to improve the efficiency and productivity of their crops, whether indoors or in greenhouses.

Goodxon have solutions in:


LED Horticulture Lighting: for different cultures and with skills and know-how to develop customized lighting solutions with a light spectrum adapted to each stage of growth of the plant, in order to obtain the best results and productivity while reducing costs.


Greenhouse Automation: through representation of Climate Control Systems, Goodxon provides automation solutions:

  • Fertigation systems with a strong impact on the reduction of fertilization costs;
  • Climate control of greenhouses with reduction in cooling costs/heating;
  • Water treatment for wasted water from fertigation.

Goodxon Values

reliability and
maximum efficiency

1. We integrate design, development and production of technological solutions for sustainable agriculture.
2. In-depth knowledge and expertise of semiconductor, with in-house laboratory (solutions developed with OSRAM).
3. Customized projects with reduced Time to Market.


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We are part of it - as an exhibitor at VertiFarm 2023!

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Rua Monsenhor Angelino Marques Craveiro
N.º 9, R/C Esquerdo
3060-318 Febres

P. +351 231 469 021

E-mail: info@goodxon.pt

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