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Goodxon promotes sustainable agriculture with innovative and customized horticultural lighting solutions.

With product development and in-house laboratory, we have the necessary resources to develop the most efficient solutions on the market for any type of crop and adapted to any infrastructure.

Our ambition is to be recognized as the brand that best adapts to the needs of horticulturists and installers, focusing on being the most efficient solution on the market.

In each project carried out by Goodxon, we rely on our expertise in the latest LED lighting technologies applied to each type of crop with a horticulture light study to ensure the correct distribution of light on the plants.

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Goodxon Values

reliability and
maximum efficiency

1. We integrate design, development and production of technological solutions for sustainable agriculture.
2. In-depth knowledge and expertise of semiconductor, with in-house laboratory (solutions developed with OSRAM).
3. Customized projects with reduced Time to Market.


What is the future of vertical farming? At Vertifarm the answers were many!

in Goodxon

Vertical farming already has many projects developed that allow it to respond to current food needs and is a way of contributing to the sustainable growth of cities, promoting the circular economy.

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